Daytime activities


Sandra LT

During the workshop hair dressers will cut hair in unique styles

Dream catchers “RdreamCatchers”Workshop

Renata Mikalauskaitė LT

Dream catcher retail and during a workshop will teach how to make dreamcachers


Marija Narkauskaitė LT

During the workshop participants can learn how to make bracelets, necklases, flower crowns. Body painting with chna dye and UV paint

Bracelets “IFEH heart inside”Shop

Laurynas Vaitkus LT

Unique design bracelets

Furtune teller from UkraineWorkshop

Ilona Krylova UA


Eglė Galdikaitė-Brazienė LT

Purpose of the workshop is to spread the idea of ecology, motivate to think about the enviroment and show, how unwanted paper can be transformed in to most spectacular jewelery and finest paintings. Jewelery and accesories made from paper, fascinates of its lightnes and warmth. Eye is captured by unique, hypnotysing shapes and bright colours. Main techniques used in our workshop is paper quilling and papier mache. Festival participants will be offered a unique jewelery made from recycled paper, authors cards, pictures. To make it interesting we will make a workshop where participants will hawe an oportunity to makejewelery of their own.

Experimental haircutHairstyling

Jurgita Balčiūnaitė LT

During the festival we will cut peoples hair, make and repair dreadlocks, brade hair tails with threads and other braiding techniques and hair styles. During the event we will paint using henna and UV face paint, so pepople can prepera for the night.

Stilts / jumping stiltsShow

Andrejs Mosans LV

Oracle and astrology salon "Pelėda"Workshop

Lidija Skirmantienė LT

Fortune telling using TROT cards

Fairy gardenWorkshop

Neringa Adomavičiūtė LT

Mysterious creatures that live in the woods, moon-lit meadows, mountains, springs, will occupy a small corner, surrounded by flowers. We will create a fairy garden, where they can sing and dance.

Introduction to brewing coffeeWorkshop

Jane Lash BY

We will talk about manual brewing of specialty coffee, the art behind that and the taste map of that magic drink.

Herbal magicWorkshop

Naubartas Skara LT

In our workshop you will be able to learn how to fight disieses or illness, using natural herbs, gathered in your own enviroment. Also we will teach how to make tea, broth and tinctures, and how to properly use them. We will have herb samples where you can yourself make a mixture and have a taste.

Best dishes using instant noodles or raver's cuisineWorkshop

Gytis Dovydaitis LT

We will offer kilograms of instant noodles and use them as main food base when cooking. Starting from usual to most instant noodles with broth and cheese, finishing with gurmei recepies with shrimps, tuna and big onion from the vilage. We recommend participants to bring their own instant noodles, canned food or any cheap junk, that you dont want to eat. Our chefs will ensure that eaven the pigs hoes will become a delicacy spice that enriches instant noodles new flavours.

Laura Noríí PhotographyWorkshop

Laura Norinkevičiūtė LT

I will use wery old and expensive foto equipment, to make unique pictures. It will be analog/film photography, where the process demands care and financial investment when producing the pictures. I will try to capture old spirit of rave. Everyone wanted will be welcome to perpetuate themselves in analog photography.

Instaliation artists “MyponydoesAum”

Sigita Meslinaitė LT


Roberta Variakojytė LT

It is a small workshop, full of hand crafted goods, colour and fantasy. In here we will find everyting, starting from necklases from natural crystals, colourfull clothes to colourfull interior decor. Our every item is hand crafted, unique, and unrepeatable. Jus how every one of us. So we believe that you will find something that universe created for you.

MoonRa jewelleryShop

Lukas Mačėnas LT

Durys į IndijąShop

Vincent Degeorge LT

Selling "Trance" clothes, accessories and inscents.

Gayatri TreasureShop

Simona Rudokaitė LT

There will be clothes for men, women and children, also ponchos, warm shawls, jewelery, handmade wallets and handbags. We'r impatient to create cosy atmosphere together.


Goda Švilpauskaitė LT

Braiding with threads, we will prepare clip on hair, stiched with threads and handmade jewelery from threads.

Kloud bag LietuvaShop

Dovilė Kazokevičiūtė LT

Selling blowup sitting bags.



During this musical workshop participants will be provided with musical insturments calimbas, and will be free to musical improvisation.

Extreme free timeSports


Paddle boards rent

"Sofa Killer" overalsShop

Tadas Žukauskas LT

In TUNDRA festival we will introduce/sell our new summer collection (Not only overalls, also tshirs, jumpers, pants shorts, summer overals


Tomas Šinkūnas LT

Kalian lithing and sales

Virtual realityEntertainment

Marius Šumanas LT