Bass stage

22:00 Recin ft. Okone
23:00 Erelio Akis aka Daimon
00:00 St
01:00 Bong-Ra NL Live
03:00 Baltic Champions (Doctah Jahngle b2b Grasshoper)
04:30 Dubstep Meditations
06:00 → BAR STAGE
22:00 Mavi LV
23:00 Unmute UK
00:00 X3no LV
01:00 Mirror Network LV Live
02:00 Devine LV
03:00 Intakx
04:00 Onis
05:00 Destas
06:00 → BAR STAGE



The musical career of the Dutch breakcore master Jason Kohnen better known as Bong-Ra started in 1996 when he left his doom metal band Celestial Sound. He went into a mazy but rich as well music jungles of the jungle music. It‘s hard to imagine what‘s happening in his head but now after all his musical searches Bong-Ra plays the unique music which raises from unimaginably uncombinable reagge, metal, jazz, gabba, and rave elements. He‘s a global authority in the breakcore scene. He is the first Dutch musician who released a full-lenght DnB album, he has his own lable Clash Records owning a sister lable Kriss Records that unite a number of breakcore, metal, hardcore, and jungle music representatives. He is an extremely productive musician having released a pile of amazing tracks.

Mirror NetworkHeadlinerLive

Mirror Network LV

Mirror Network is a team of four players with a diverse music production and dj'ing skills as well as hopefully a spark of talent and inspiration at times.


Viberations Rec. UK

UNMUTE has originated in London UK, in a recent search for a new name to start getting new ideas out. Being a DJ since the mid-90’s and collecting vinyl ever since, spanning across broken beat genres of electronic music and drum&bass in particular, he used to play it a lot for the Latvian scene and neighbour Baltic states occasionally. He’s been also taking active part in Latvian hip- hop culture festivals and breakdance jams, learning turntablism for years and even running his own pirate FM radio for a short period of time. It took a few years to grow into “production mood” and move to London where he started experimenting with his own sound which in turn drew the attention away from dance floor music to dub, psychedelic and ambient sound. At some point he joined ambient music community label, which existed few years and invested in ambient scene of Latvia, as well as received good feedback and support from the end recipients, also often representing themselves at chill-out festival stages in Latvia and abroad. It’s been a while now since his first downtempo tunes saw the light and it was time spent getting confidence in the sound and polishing the production skills, while keeping the Viberations Rec. running just as an outlet for various genre mix sets, some of which contained his own tracks every now and then, represented under a different alias. It is time to return to the scene and UNMUTE is currently involved in running a studio in Riga in collaboration with his fellow friends as part of MIRROR NETWORK, as well as producing in his own bedroom studio in London. There are a few performances planned ahead for 2016 and those range between DJ sets, hardware live sets and anything in between, spanning few genres as well.


Testone / Mirror Network LV

Devine started in childhood like for most of djs and musicians. Since primary school he started to play music for people. Dev was searching, searching for sounds and music all the time. In 2003 he and hi close friends from the Testone crew started to collect drum and bass records and regularly perform in clubs and various venues with famous artists and djs from abroad and locals. Afterwords in short period of time his own music appeared and he likes to perform it live. Nowadays Devine is into his own projects (mostly techno and ambient) and the new audiovisual project called Mirror Network (drum and bass + various experiments).


Mirror Network LV

Latvian armenian DJ/producer based in Riga, Mavi has been making and playing electronic music of different styles for over a decade. He was also the first DJ to play Dubstep in Latvia. Mavi performed his sets at various local and international festivals and collaborated with such artists as Fabio, FANU, Dissident, Martsman, Halogenix from Ivy lab, Elemental, Moving Ninja and many more. Today Mavi is mainly oriented on producing. He is also an active member of dnb collective Mirror network.


Testone / Exospin / Mirror Network LV

Long time veteran of the Latvian dnb scene, dj/procuder/live performer based in Riga, Latvia. Collaborated with numerous artists over the years, landing releases on labels such as Salvage digital, TILT and Spanda records. Member of dnb collectives Mirror network, Testone and Exospin.

Doctah Jahngle b2b Grasshopper

Baltic Champions LT

DOCTAH JAHNGLE is one of the first jungle pioneers in Lithuania and probably could be called the father of jungle in Lithuania. His nickname has changed several times, but his love to jungle music is steadfast. Once again DOCTAH JAHNGLE is coming to share it with us in TUNDRA. / GRASSHOPPER With different sound influence started his career as a Dj and producer at the age of 16 in small private parties with Progressive House and hard Electro. At the same time he was working as a promoter with biggest Vilnius night clubs. On his early 20's he discovered Break Beat sounds and soon after that - Drum&Bass. His source of inspiration is very wide spectrum of different styles and genres of music but the most import thing in his musician life is wrapped rhythms.



Having started DJ career in 2003, ST eventually became a resident of VAULT club. Later he took part in organizing such hard music events as Blitzkrieg and Raketos and has been constantly playing in a number of electronic music events. Seeking to promote alternative electronic music in Lithuania, a few years ago together with fellow music lovers ST established a promo team and Internet website AMMO.LT.


Eternia Music LT

Well-known to all d‘n‘b fans Gytis Dubauskas Intakx got interested in this music ten years ago. Soon he started sharing drum & bass sounds with the visitors of all the best clubs and festivals in Lithuania alongside with such talents as Fabio, Loxy, Doc Scott, and many others. He also used to organize events himself, bringing world famous electronic music stars to Vilnius. Since 2009 Intakx is mostly focused on his own label “Eternia Music“. We‘re glad to announce that once again we are going to see Intakx flawless performance in TUNDRA.

Recin ft. OkoneDjNew

Anamorphic vision, LT

Dubstep Meditations


Dubstep Meditations (aka Andrius Ske) is a bass music dj and promoter. Djing and collecting vynils since 1997. Resident of weekly bass music night "Rastadienis" (Rastaday) in Vilnius Lithuania. Promoting dubstep, steppers and jungle music through out the area.


Souled Sessions LT

Lithuanian Onis music is a synthesis of house, techno, d‘n‘b, and beats, which is going to delight TUNDRA festival visitors.



Erelio Akis aka Daimon

Techstylism / EA LT

"Music is the most important thing to me meanwhile a genre is just an arbitrary code which makes a human communication easier", says Daimon – one of the most dedicated Lithuanian electronic music scene representatives who is also an organizer of Tundra festival. As always we are going to hear a faultless performance, perfectly chosen sounds and see love for music, his listeners and a festival which is shared with the audience.



Art RayDeco

Elektro Frontas LT