Psy stage

23:00 Aranyo Live
00:00 Braindrop IN Live
01:30 Atman
03:00 CTO gram UK Live
04:00 Re-Horakhty Live
05:00 IS
06:30 Terrapsy Live
07:30 Manik
09:00 Spectral Cosmos
20:00 Shatki EE
22:00 Daheen AU Live
23:00 Xuranium FR Live
00:00 Martian Arts GR Live
01:00 Dohm Live
02:00 Be Lietaus
03:30 Gotalien IT Live
05:30 Mfung
07:00 Pavel Svimba FI Live
09:00 Anjuna Beat RU Live
19:00 Trantic
20:00 Zooch UK
22:00 Sunflower
22:30 Gido
01:00 Dj Lucas
03:00 Samadhi RU Live
04:30 Phobos IT
06:30 GayaTree RU
08:30 Ney
10:00 Happy end compilation by Tundra residents
12:00 ...


TIP Records UK

Today, with two highly acclaimed albums to his name (God Save The Machine, Tales Of Heads) and many more collaborative projects in the pipeline (with artists such as Eat Static, Hallucinogen, Avalon, Tristan, Dickster, Sonic Species and Laughing Buddha) Lucas is best known as a leading psytrance DJ representing Raja Ram's label TIP records globally with his unique driving UK psychedelic sound, and his recently released album “Avantgarden” is considered to be an an absolute bomb. Lucas is known for his masterful mixing and excellent musical taste, he has become a firm favourite in clubs and festivals worldwide.

Martian ArtsHeadlinerLive

TIP Records GR

Martian Arts is Nectarios Meidanis - a certified audio tech engineer and sound designer aficionado, that loves making psychedelic music using modular synths. He has been releasing music under various projects, on various labels, including, TIP Records, Goa Productions, Zero1, Nano Records, Blue Hour Sounds. Inspired by yesterday's riffs, pushing forward in new styles.

Blisargon DemogorgonHeadlinerLive

Bhooteshwara Records MK

Blisargon Demogorgon real name is Valentino Trenchev and he's from Macedonia. The music that streams out of this project is generally deep night sound with a lot of power, rhytms and loaded with atmospheres.

Pavel SvimbaHeadlinerLive

Trance Bum Productions FI

Pavel Svimba is Helsinki, Finland based musician, who has been active in Finnish psychedelic trance scene for over 10 years. He have released tracks in numerious compilations around the world, and his debut album “Space Babuska” came out at 2011 from russian Hippie Killer Productions. The album took #1 places in junodownload & bandcamp download psytrance charts. Pavel loves to mix different genres of music into his own mixture of everything that inspires him, but of course the main line is funky trance, with a serious amount of booty shaking wibe.


Omveda Records / Occulta Records IN

Sumith Suresh is the driving force behind the versatile electronic music project Braindrop and quintessentially one of India's top exports to the trance world. Being one of the most sought after producer / djs in the country his unique style led him to perform alongside many varied music stalwarts from the legendary Juno Reactor to techno giant D-Nox to psytrance legends such as Atmos, Hilight Tribe, Sensient, Electrypnose, Kindzadza and many more. With a penchant for ever evolving sounds, his productions are a blend of futuristic sounds with an organic touch and his live performances are one's that never leave your memory.


Vertigo Records RU

Samadhi is a pioneering psytrance artist from St. Petersburg Russia one of the founders of famous Russian promo group Shanti Sound System and first radio show dedicated to psychedelic music in city called Shambala. He started djing since 1997 and producing his own music since the begging of new millennium. His first releases were on legendary Russian labels De Ja Vu and Vertigo.


Kamino Records IT

Since 2009, Gotalienhas been cutting sounds and placing those pieces to form the entire mosaic of music together, a really colorful one. A few darkpsy releases after, the creator of this project, Alberto Zatta (IT), is now applying his knowledge in cyberdelics to increase the algorithms of his thoughts and translate them into new multidimensionally structured noises, to overcome the limits of bpm perception and create an unexplored experience.


Purple Hexagon Records FR

The Xuranium project is characterised by deep, coloured and powerful psytrance music that draws inspiration from different kinds of energy. Nature, life, consciousness, dreams and reality as well as world cultures and human beings have shaped Xuranium’s unique music. All these influences can be recognized in this sound; generally composed by a dark, thick and fast baseline over which acidlines and abrasive or melodic leads are rolling as if they were on fire, it is adorned by organic spirals and metallic textures floating around ethereal pads. Time to time, ethno vocals, world instruments and natural ambient sounds are added, providing this musical potion with a touch of mystery, spirit and shamanic wilderness. Like an electronic gardener, Xuranium constantly nurtures this strange and magical plant and is very happy to share its fruits and flowers with hungry listeners!




Regen Records AU

Daheen enjoys writing tunes of psytrance and downbeat flavours. His tracks often have a quirky feel, using many sounds from "the symphony of life" that we hear all around us. for his pystrance sets he incorporates a theatrical performance using different masks / costumes to match the theme of each track.


Forest Freaks / Banyan Records LT

Dohm is Domas G. who's born in 1985 in Lithuania. Project Dohm was initiated in the summer of 2006, when his life was enlighted by experiencing psychedelic music at a festival. Influenced by the lush nature of his country, Dohmmusic is a mystical journey through an enchanted forest with deep, atmospheric sounds. This journey is produced through various styles – including dark psy, dohmtek, dohmstep and chill-out.


Forest Freaks LT

Re-Horakhty is Saulius, from Lithuania. Emerging in 2008, Re-Horakhty music is refreshing bursts of love and light shooting through the morning and twilight atmosphere of the forest where its creatures exploding with energy.


Omveda Records / Advanced Frequencies LT

Audrius aka Aranyo is psychedelic music artist from Lithuania. He is a member of Advanced Frequencies, Omveda records, Dopetec Records.



Having recently reached the thirtieth anniversary of genius, Lithuanian Aleksas with the project Ziog does not divide the Earth into coloured countries, because he believes in a cosmic world setup. According to Ziog, human‘s soul is a part of his God and all the souls of people make up one God. God speaks through music. Psy-trance vibration rates help to hear it best. It is like a phoenix fastly travelling to an outer space which had been ruled by a Milky Way dots, and cut into colourful fresco visions. Aleksas finished sound engineering studies in England, Westminster college where he got a secret key which helps to unlock the consciousness of each listener, so that‘s what he does since 2003.

Cto gramLive

Tantra music / Forest Freaqs UK

CTO gram is a psytrance project from Lithuania. Started in 2008 and focusing more into forest like sounds and deep atmospheres, but still maintaining some elements of colour. Viktoras is currently based in UK and is a member of Tantra Music (FR) and Forest Freaks (LT).


Moz7art LT/IT

Anjuna BeatLive



Blue Hour Sounds LT

Acquiring a more cultivated sense of creative experience, Adomas has developed the project Gido, which revealed his sophisticated passion for alternative music styles. The deep melodious sound of the alternative underground music oscilliation, hypnotizing percussions with definite structure and pure psychedelic rhythms are the essential elements of the musical journey promised by Gido LIVE and DJ sets performances.


Looney Moon Records IT

From the point of view of his musical choice, Phobos doesn’t like sticking to just one style of psy-trance, but he prefers to adapt his set to the hour, the people and the situation he finds himself in, taking always special care of the mixing. He founded Looney Moon records with a group of friends in 2008, and he's still managing the label with dj Fog.


Blue Hour Sounds RU

DJ Osman aka GayaTree is rocking since 2001. The spectrum of his music styles runs from house and trance to psy-chill and downtempo but his performance is far out of the genre limits. The feature of his music is it’s healing and informative influence. His name is quite common for the biggest open air festivals like Burning Man or Boom and for the very top night clubs of the world’s capitals. But Osman’s main specialty are his legendary private party sessions that are giving him the closest connection with the public.


Tranceformers LT


Arkona Creation UK

Robert aka Zooch aka Red Serpent life is a Dj & manager of Arkona Creation Music & Art label. It happened after he had got to the private gathering in the deep Lithuanian forests organized by the builders of the Psychedelic Trance movement in Lithuania High Realm. Zooch joined them and together they organized the Shambala festivals in Lithuania. In 2007 High Realm changed its name to Yegaveda and made Yaga festivals. In 2008 Robert organized one of the nights in a progressive dance floor at the Offworld festival in UK. Robert's sets are different kind of psychedelic. It could be as night as morning, atmospheric, minimal and even funkish-groovy sound which uplifts you in space through dance.


Arkona Creation EE

Maksim Mochalov aka Shatki was born on 5th of December in 1982 in a capital of Estonia, small but cozy Tallinn. He couldn’t even expect himself becoming interested in psyculture one day. At 16 he became acquainted with goatrance and psytechno and then slowly moved deeper into psytrance, psyprog, ambient and dub.


Temple of Magic LT

A travelling enthusiast Simonas whose nickname is Sunflower, and who now is living in London every once in a while shows up in Lithuanian music scene to share the tricks he has learnt in “Temple of Magic“ workshop. Sunflower made his debut in the rainy TUNDRA 2007 where a number of his fans has significantly increased cause he managed to dispel the clouds and invoke the sun with his music. “All the strings of violin have to sound in the interval of a fifth and the trance music has to take you far, far away...“, -says a guy who really likes quality.


Swamp Tales / Visionary Shamanics LT

FungPung (Vytas V.) is psychedelic trance producer from small, but vital Lithuanian psytrance family. Also artist is a member of Swamp Tales crew, which actively developing psy trance movement in beautiful and archaic Lithuania. FungPung’s music has it's own untraditional psychedelic sound with distorted soundscapes and deep drones. The music is quite experimental and more nightly, so his style assign to dark, forest psytrance.


Swamp Tales LT

Atman is Laurynas who was born in spring of 1982 in Vilnius. Since 2006 he plays in various events and festivals in Lithuania and other countries, such as Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, and even India. In 2007 he joined “Swamp Tales“ promo group. From the very beginning of his musical career Atman was fascinated by strict sounds and deep melodies, so it‘s no wonder that dark psy-trance has become his favourite style.

Be LietausDj

Gaia Family LT

Audrius, who is really interested in consciousness travels to the world which is not limited by space or time measurement, is an organizer of one of the first psy trance music festivals “Telekinesis“, and was previously used to be known as “NoBrain“ and “NoRain“. Having started spreading a stormy teleporting contagion in 2002, he is still interested in entering listeners‘ neurons intensively. After trying dark psy, progressive, and fullon sounds, he has decided to stick with deep psychedelics covered by a night mystery complemented with hitech flashes. Audrius and his friends have recently gathered “Gaia family“ and they are organizing a psychedelic music show and spiritual experience festival GAIA. Audrius with his project Be Lietaus guarantees a consciousness flight to an unexplored world!


Swamp Tales LT

Spectral CosmosDj



Tranceformers LT

Temple CreationsDeco


Psychedelic Landscape CowboysDeco


Silly CatVj