Chill Generator stage

17:00 Secret Vision
21:00 Ranking
23:00 Ney
01:30 KLIMENT Live
03:00 Sunflower
05:00 Gayatree
08:00 Amanga
11:00 B$K
13:00 Positive Fyah
15:00 E-roott
17:00 Dubstep Meditation
19:00 Prasoon
21:00 Kojosopa Live
22:00 Grad U Live
23:00 Marius
01:00 Roger Gerressen
03:30 Yonagual
06:00 Coracoideus
08:00 Trantic Dub Live
09:00 Trantic dub
11:00 mfungus
13:00 Movita
15:00 Rehorakthy
17:00 Dohm Live
18:30 Unitone
21:30 Giriu dvasios Live
23:00 Droop
01:00 Gido
03:00 Silmaril
05:00 Malanka
07:00 X-ray
09:00 Atman
11:00 Kala Sound System
13:00 Selector Peedro Sandalos & MC Ganj Wald
15:00 Bromas (Dumblys)
17:00 Ignas Maldžiunas
18:30 afterparty:
19:00 Andro
21:00 Saru
23:00 Daksinamurti
01:00 Virtual Light
07:00 tbc..


Zenon Records BG

Kliment, who has adopted his own name as his stage name, blows everyone away; experienced gourmets and amateurs alike, with his taste for psytrance and an emotional journey of ambient/chill/idm sound mosaics. This performer, as though he were a chameleon, can embody several characters such as Samodelia, Disham or even Once Upon a Time. He can produce his own 3D mapping projections and soundtracks, music for specific choreography or TV commercials. It is noteworthy that Kliment works with well known producers and musicians such as Aura Rascon, Milena Sergueeva, Pavel Stoychev. And due to his exceptional talent and wide range of skills, Kliment is well known not only in Hungary, but throughout the entire world.

Grad ULive

Greyscale Music LT


Forest Freaks LT

Roger GerressenHeadliner

OGUN, LumieresLaNuit, Sudden Drop NL

A hero from the Netherlands Roger Gerressen! Just as every virtuoso, Roger loves what he does and he remains loyal to his rhythmic sound of deep dub techno. He works with respectful labels such as „Fear Of Flying“, „Nilla Records“, „Sudden Drop“, „Wolfskuil Ltd” and has recently established his own "Ogun Records", the name being derived from Greek mythology of a relentless warrior! Under his new pseudonym GasometricRun he released the vinyl "New Moon", which once again confirms his love for a deeply compelling rhythmic sound and the piece "Infinity Force" will without a doubt become the next banger in the dub techno scene! Having played in legendary venues such as "Trouw" (Amsterdam), "Tresor" (Berlin), "Rex Club" (Paris) and travelled all of Europe, Russia, Japan and the US, this year Rogers will arrive at TUNDRA to give his debut three hour performance in Lithuania!

Giriu DvasiosLiveHeadliner

Cold Tear Records LT

"Saulala Motula, užtekėk, užtekėk!" (Mother Sun, rise, rise!) - is what shall be chanted through the night towards dawns first light by Evaldas Azubauskas, who is well known as Girių Dvasios since 2009. If humans were ever to be classified in a book of endangered homo sapiens, Evaldas, hailing from the region of Žemaitija, would be included as one with cultural values. Girių Dvasios is saturated with ancient baltic culture and compliments the unique beauty of the great outdoors of Lithuania by breathing in ethereal life-force with dub techno, deep techno, electronic dub and ambient sounds! His new album "Ratu" (In circles) makes a meaningful addition to the albums "Metai" (Years), "Miškas EP" (Forest EP), "Visa" (All), "Žiema EP" (Winter EP), "Esu" (I am), "Namo" (Homewards). "As you listen to the multipart chants going around and around in circles, you slowly start going around that circle yourself only to come to the revelation that not only only does the song, the performers and you yourself now spin in that sacred circle, but so too does all in nature and all of Being. And you're part of it." - So does the artist describe his new album.


Kaunas LT


Blue Hour Sounds RU

Trantic dubLiveDj

Psyway, M7 Records UK


Zenon Records FI

Selector Peedro Sandalos & MC Ganj Wald



SunStation/Vertigo Records EE


Medulla Oblongata Records


Impulse Audio Records RU

Artem Manga is underground electronic artist from Moscow, that always gravitated to make everything "not like others". As a musician he started in the beginning of 21st century making music in such genres as trancecore and happy hardcore and released his tracks as a part of different projects.The most bright one was E-Phoria, in a duet with Mike Encore. At the same time Manga & Encore started to create well known project - Cyber Planet. Until Artem met - SunGirl, who showed him experimental side of psychedelic sound and who as well became his musical partner for the next years. At this point in 2003, a new Artems’ solo project - Manga has been created. Now it’s renamed to AMANGA. For the first few years Manga sound has evolved from twisted, serious night to dynamical and smiley, following innovative trends, but honoring the traditions of classical psychedelic sound. At the present time AMANGA project works with genres: Psychedelic Trance, Ambient and Dub.

Kala SoundSystemDj


KALA SOUNDSYSTEM is Ras Teodor, Jah Likkle, and Junior Pecos sound system selectors, operated, carried, and constructed with strong hands. They are well-familiar and awaited in the venues where reggae and dub music lovers like to get together. “KALA SOUNDSYSTEM is a space and time hallucination that comes true. It‘s everything that‘s far away, but can‘t be understood without what‘s here. Something silent, but incomprehensible without something that‘s loud. It encourages to come closer, to move forward, and explore the distances“, say the operators of the first Lithuanian sound system.


Tranceformers LT


M7 Records LT



Dub/ Groove/ Bass




Swamp Tales LT

Dubstep Meditations (aka SKE)Dj


Dubstep Meditations (aka Andrius Ske) is a bass music dj and promoter. Djing and collecting vynils since 1997. Resident of weekly bass music night "Rastadienis" (Rastaday) in Vilnius Lithuania. Promoting dubstep, steppers and jungle music through out the area.


Forest Freaks LT


Swamp Tales LT


Kaunas LT


Groove tribe LT

Lithuanian Erik Berežok, who calls himself E-ROOTT, is one of the strongest reggae standard-bearer in Lithuania. Erikas has many times proved a power of positive music on the dance floor by using his subtle taste and rich vinyl collection. His alliance “Groove Tribes“ has brought a number of famous reggae artists to Lithuania, while a small part of the legend is being plaid in “OreCast“ player. Reincarnating to the Greek god of love Eros (because he was born on February 14) this artist promises an unforgettable and colorful roots, reggae, reggae fusion, and dub sound magic in his set which has been recorded straight from the vinyls.


Swamp Tales LT

Positive FyahDj

Jah Nation LT


Transcendental Spirit LT


Silver Field Records IE



Spectromatic VisualsVjNew