Healing Wheel area

10:00 Joga su Inga. Saulės pasveikinimas
12:00 Reiki
14:00 Ashtanga joga
15:00 Indiškas galvos masažas
17:00 Masažo paslaptys
20:00 end
10:00 Joga su Inga. Saulės pasveikinimas
11:00 Meditatyvus mandalų tapymas
14:00 Gydomoji šamaniška kelionė
15:00 Šokio erdvė. Kontaktinė improvizacija
17:00 Kaip meditacija veikia žmogų
18:00 Gydymas su tibeto dainuojančiais dubenėliais
19:00 Capoeira
21:00 end



Capoeira (Capoeira) is a Brazilian art that combines games, music, acrobatics, fight and dance elements.

Dance SpacePraktika


What is Šokio Erdvė? A space where you can enjoy your free movement. Safe. Cozy. Sober. Restricted. It is a space that can be dedicated to your body, emotional well-being of the creative uplift, meeting with associates, the courage to look the way you feel now, be free from the inner critic comments and indulge in the unique elements of choreography. You dare to jump from becoming a free and conscious Dance Warrior.

Ashtanga yogaPraktika

Agata san

 Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga classes with Hawaiian elements detoxifies and aligns the body, purifies the nervous system by opening and clearing the energy channels. It is going to be practices with the Spirit of Aloha.

Maditative mandala painting therapyPraktika


Lecture and creativity, meditation - a meeting with your own self

Sun Salutation yogaPraktika


Sun Salutation is a solar - and everything it represents - the macro and micro levels of space, worship, thanksgiving and petition for inspiration, wisdom, and power. Moon welcome practice purifies the body is circulating life energy, it becomes easy to manage the changing moods and actions.

Healing with Tibetan singing bowls and reikiPraktika

Laima ir Jonas

Tibetan singing bowls are made using different metals 3–12, corresponding to the different planets, sound meditation amid several bowls man passed on a deep body relaxation, floods peace, harmony, inner satisfaction, especially babies love to, because liquid-mother recalls.


Andrey Dubrovskij

During a Reiki session the body gets strength, which lacks healing exchange. Session man plunged deep into yourself and relax. Heat flows through the hands of a master of the human body, it softens, opens and fills life, special attention is given to a pet peeve. Exposed to all of the body systems, the impact of not only the physical body, but also of metabolic process, emotions and thoughts, and after the session, people feel like after a good deep sleep, full of vigor and optimism.

Massage secretsPraktika

Justas Kudrevičius

The course will be taught to prepare for a massage procedure will be carried out in a special energy exercises during which participants are taught special conscious muscle relaxation exercises. Next to feel the surface of human body to adjust to the rhythm and status. The focus is not a difficult technique, while ordinary basic quality massage principles: completeness motion, full hand contact, concentrating.

Shamanic journeyMeditacija


Listening to the sounds of drums, dip into the forces of nature by treating the wisdom and love waves. To access their totems, protective energies. treatment internal images. We will discuss natural ways to clean konkorėžinę gland, also called the 3rd eye, for which it is responsible, what opens what gives. Have a yoga mat or lie down on top of things, if you need to cushion the užsikloti.

The art of the EastPraktika


Oriental spirit drenched tent will invite to try Thai , Indian , Japanese and ayurvedic massage techniques, the ancient Indian candle therapy. Also henna drawings, hair and dreadlocks adorned with beads. Handmade jewelry, incense, oils.Private sessions 10.00–20.00

Various massagesMasažai

Justas Kudrevičius

Private sessions 10.00–20.00 Thai, classic, hakim, vacuum and other massages.

Reiki/recreative massageMasažai

Andrey Dubrovskij

Private sessions 10.00–20.00. Reiki, relax, ayurvedic, classic and other massages.

how meditation changed my lifeLecture


During the lecture, you learn what meditation is, how it affects people and why it is useful to do.