Main Engine stage

23:00 Specta
00:30 RSS BOYS Live
01:30 Jokke
04:00 Mark Anthon
22:00 Inner
23:30 Daimon
01:00 Powell
02:30 Occult
04:00 Intakz
05:00 Doctah Jahngle
17:30 soundcheck
18:30 Uus Energia Live
19:30 soundcheck
20:30 Baltistani Orkestar Live
21:30 Nerone
22:30 Pagalve
00:00 Marcel Dettmann
03:00 Mørbeck
04:30 Gesta

Marcel DettmannDjHeadliner

OstGut Ton, MDR DE

The symbol of well-known techno fortress, Berghain, is a true contemporary electronic music messiah. His performances are very welcome and attract crowds to both major festivals and underground raves all around the world.You’ll be thrilled to hear 3 hours Marcel Dettmann dj set!


Diagonal UK

‪‎POWELL‪‎‬ is a modern beast fusing gritty techno rhythms with New York no wave, industrial/ebm touch, live instrumentation, raw synth tones, post-punk, late 90s drum n’ bass and quickfire bursts of analog noise - elements which jostle around sinister, muscular grooves that drift across unconventional rhythmic structures. He takes a pride in merging disparate references into something intense, coherent and unexpected. Unsurprisingly, ‪‎POWELL‪‎’s‪‎ dj sets are fast, unpredictable and surprisingly inclusive. He established his own imprint ‪#‎Diagonal‬ in 2011 and released EPs on Mute Records’s Liberation Technologies and the label, The Death Of Rave.


Vault Series, Code Is Law, M_REC DE

Powerfull news for techno/bass lovers: will be honored by dark and deep techno guru ‪Mørbeck‬ who will share his Berlin experience! Under the wing of "Vault Series" and "Code Is Law" records he creates an excellent techno and industrial music combination - dangerously addictive music


Macabre Unit,The Mine UK

RSS BOYSLiveHeadliner

‪‎RSS B0YS‪‎ duo transports listeners into an uncompromising frenzy. Forget introduction or preparation. Africa is on fire, heavy drums are pounding straight from the very start, a primitive but very physical sound starts to slowly evolve into hypnotizing repetition of tribal fury filled with hazy, distant oriental auralism slowly entering into long lasting jam of the instruments.


The Void NO


Polarities LV



One of the best techno DJs in the Baltic states is going to the Isle of Varėna pine forest where the biggest concentration of electronic music experts in Eastern Europe is going to be seen.Latvian Gesta is a DJ, vinyl collector, and a frequent guest of Lithuanian techno parties. He has been playing for more than ten years and has mastered the vinyl technique which he is going to share at TUNDRA festival once again


Eternia Music LT

Well-known to all d‘n‘b fans Gytis Dubauskas INTAKZ got interested in this music ten years ago. Soon he started sharing drum & bass sounds with the visitors of all the best clubs and festivals in Lithuania alongside with such talents as Fabio, Loxy, Doc Scott, and many others. He also used to organize events himself, bringing world famous electronic music stars to Vilnius. Since 2009 INTAKZ is mostly focused on his own label “Eternia Music“. We‘re glad to announce that once again we are going to see INTAKZ‘s flawless performance in TUNDRA.


Techstylism LT

„Music is the most important thing to me meanwhile a genre is just an arbitrary code which makes a human communication easier“, says DAIMON – one of the most dedicated Lithuanian electronic music scene representatives who is also an organizer of TUNDRA festival. As always we are going to hear a faultless performance, perfectly chosen sounds and see love for music, his listeners and a festival which is shared with the audience.

Doctah JahngleDj, Baltic Champions LT

DOCTAH JAHNGLE is one of the first jungle pioneers in Lithuania and probably could be called the father of jungle in Lithuania. His nickname has changed several times, but his love to jungle music is steadfast. Once again DOCTAH JAHNGLE is coming to share it with us in TUNDRA.


Techstylism, Shaded Music LT

"When it comes to techno music in Lithuania it is impossible not to mention the name of this musical genius which for most ravers has become an epithet of a techno sound. PAGALVE (“Pillow“) – a creator and DJ of a thick and real European techno is hiding under a soft and warm stage name. Pagalve is an extremely outgoing DJ capable of making the crowd dance like crazy. Hard, exact, and precisely selected play list, perfectly mastered deck technique practiced for more than fifteen years, unconditional love and commitment to the techno music, impeccable sound and, off course, his listeners, are the reasons why all techno music lovers know well what to expect when PAGALVE starts his gig.



Mark AnthonNew



Code Is Law LT



Hanna VisualsVj



Du Maži PeliukaiVj


Art RayDekoNew

(Elektro Frontas) LT

Uus EnergiaLiveHeadliner


Uus Energia is one of the few bands in Estonia playing reggae, and the only one playing 70s Jamaican studio sounds inspired live dub music. The orchestra sized ensemble’s rich sound is embedded into roots-reggae and jazz influences, accented by a multitude of effects that is essential to dub music. Uus Energia is known for it’s on stage improvisations and thus each and every one of their live shows can be considered distinctive and one-time only experience. Uus Energia’s line-up is ever evolving in order to offer the best exotically mild sounds of dub music. At the end of 2012 Uus Energia released, under the label Superbandiit Records, their debut album “Studio Live Dub”. The album was characterized with a word pairing “philosophically optimistic-fatalistic”.

Baltasis KirasLiveHeadliner


BALTASIS KIRAS (The White Seagull) was born in Lithuanian Frank Zappa – Liudas Gira‘s yard when a bunch of friends decided to go out to play some music celebrating the spring. Band‘s music is a true outbreak of a white seagull soul over a calm vast sea. It is a chill/dub/afro reality interpretation, conveyed by a synthesis of computer and acoustic sounds. Musical compositions delicately give sense to a relation between human‘s technical achievements and classical instruments: violins, flutes, Jew‘s harps, African drums, and others. „BALTASIS KIRAS is a unit made of all our friends and people supporting us, smiling with us, and at least for a few moments lifting up for a bird flight“, says band‘s leader Tautvydas Paulius Augustinas.

Baltistani OrkestarLiveHeadliner


Baltistan Orkestar is a big story full of tragicomedy, laugh and cry, happiness and sadness, theater of life! Colorful rythms and warm melodies from Baltistan, with influence of balkan, gypsy, jewish and oriental music is waiting for you in this concert, full energry from all around the world! The inspiration for that music is coming from the last year, which ex-Uebanda people spent in travel around Balkans and Turkey and in this moment destiny bring everybody back to Baltistan, full of energy and wish of make people dance everywhere!